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Month: March 2022

Sage 100 Contractor Test Drive

Sage 100 Contractor automatically generates notifications from subcontractors and suppliers who inform them when work needs to be done. It also creates call logs with schedules, phone numbers, appointments, and job descriptions, and automatically sends project documents… Read More

Roommate Agreement Example

Most experienced tenants have at least a history of war. What happens if your new roommate doesn`t respect their market share? While your roommate agreement should be about eviction, even if it`s signed, dated, and witnessed, it… Read More

Retainer Fee Contract Sample

A mandate contract is an initial payment of hours to a lawyer, accountant or other professional. This is common for people who are known in their field, and the warrant acts as a deposit for future services… Read More

Requirements of a Valid Collective Agreement

The most important legislation for collective bargaining is the National Labour Relations Act (NLRA). It is also known as Wagner`s law. It explicitly grants workers the right to bargain collectively and to join trade unions. The NLRA… Read More

Rental Agreement Term

A deposit is a sum of money held by the owner in an escrow account. The funds are paid in full to the tenant at the end of the agreement until there is no damage to the… Read More

Rent Agreement Police Verification Gujarat

What is normal wear and tear in a rental property? Alternatively, you can register on the official website of the police station and request a police check of your tenant. In some cities, homeowners can perform this… Read More

Registration of Marriage Form C-2

What surname can be used after marriage? Who should I contact? Anyone aged 16 or 17 who has not been married before must obtain the written consent of their mother and father when applying for a marriage… Read More

Real Estate Purchase Agreement State of Texas

(12) Transferability. It is quite possible that an investor-buyer may wish to assign the contract, so the wording of the paragraph “Parties” should make it clear that the contract is transferable without the seller`s consent. Once my… Read More

Que Es Un Security Agreement

Goods that can be listed as warranty under a security agreement include product inventory, furnishings, equipment used by a company, furnishings and real estate owned by the company. The borrower is responsible for maintaining the guarantee in… Read More

Purchase Agreement for Car Sale

Next, note the date of sale and the purchase price. Also specify the purchase method. Here you will find information about financing if the buyer finances the car. Add all sales and pricing information, as well as… Read More