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Month: March 2022

La Celle-St-Cloud Agreements

In 1952 and 1953, several anti-French demonstrations were crushed by bloodshed. On 6 November 1955, French Foreign Minister Antoine Pinay and Mohammed Ben Youssef sign the La Celle-St-Cloud Agreements, which lead to the independence of Morocco and… Read More

Kanye West Recording Agreement

On Wednesday afternoon, Kanye West made public what he called his Universal Music Group recording contracts, sharing them page by page via Twitter. The documents, downloaded in no particular order, span nearly 15 years and describe everything… Read More

Jct Standard Forms of Building Contract

The YCW Board is composed of 47 representatives who make up the company`s five “colleges”. It is these colleges that create and modify the contract forms: there are nine main sections of the YCW suite of contracts…. Read More

Is Tip Pooling Legal in Bc

The legislation creates a legal framework to regulate tips and gratuities and protect workers` rights with respect to tips and gratuities, the Ministry of Labor said in a press release. No law in the United States requires… Read More

Is Legal Custody Permanent

Can I get a court-appointed lawyer for my custody cases? The next question is always, “Well, what is the example of a change in circumstances?” There is no specific list of things that constitute acceptable circumstances, resulting… Read More

Is Bdo a Partnership

We work with a variety of partnerships – from international professional practices to private equity groups, surveyors, medical practices, family partnerships and investment partnerships – but in any case, we pride ourselves on tailoring our service to… Read More