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When to Recontract Singtel

Once you click on the link above on the official Singtel website, the Singtel Recontract promotion will be applied and you will receive $100 from the phone you choose to recontract your plan (Combo 2 and above). Hello, have you heard that you are looking for a new mobile phone? Here is a Singtel mobile offer just for you. Sign up via my exclusive link below to get an additional $100 off all phones when you upgrade to a new Singtel Combo plan. If you have changed, I will be rewarded too! Singtel`s terms and conditions apply. Exclusive link: www.singtel.com/personal/promotions/refer-and-earn/referee?payload=MRFFjhv59gu7unLeeQY4xyvER%2Bno%2Bt8U6MqrTZ8vabEdcqsC%2FpKQXe3Ys6OAsLb4&campaignID=cK5v4D&promoCode=FRIENDOFST My Singtel appWith my Singtel app, you can do more from a brand new single-view dashboard. It doesn`t work anymore! It is almost impossible to get a recontraction promo via the old method. (Read more about: No More Recontract Voucher by Singtel? Best Phone to Buy back and sell) The end date of your contract is the expiration date of your current telecommunications contract. From that date, you can transfer your number from your current telecommunications company to Circles.Life without being charged for an early cancellation fee. Since we never want you to be surprised by hidden fees, we`ve taken the trouble to figure out how to check the end date of your contract. Read on! If your account no longer has this feature, we recommend that you send an email to Singtel to verify the end date of your contract (info.singtel.com/faq-contact-us). Not many people know this, but you can actually save $100 or more by retracting your Singtel Combo plan and switching phones. As usual, the eligibility rules for the Singtel contract apply.

If you renew a contract before your contract expires, you may have to pay an early termination fee, which is usually a few hundred dollars. To check the eligibility date of your Singtel Recontract, download the Singtel app or log in to the official Singtel website. Manage your Singtel services, check eligibility to re-enter into contracts, and much more. My Singtel app gets better over time. This release includes performance improvements. For there to be no confusion, we recommend that you check the end date of your contract using the following methods or by calling your telecom operator before initiating the transfer of your number to Circles.Life, as the early cancellation fees are different for each telecommunications company. Learn more about the new method below to get a Singtel Recontract promotion or promo code. So, instead of trying to contact the Singtel Recontract hotline, we strongly recommend that readers use the Singtel Recontract system online:

Manage your Singtel account in

the web browser of


your mobile device: Log in to your Starhub account and go to the icon in the upper right corner of the page and select “Manage my account”. Scroll down to “Manage my services”, select your mobile phone number and click “View and manage”. The end date of your contract will be displayed under your mobile phone number.

Still stuck in a contract? You can set reminders for the contract end date here. We`ll send you reminders and information closer to the end date of your contract and maybe even send you exclusive promotions just to let us know! The date of your new contract is usually 3 months before the end date of the contract. If you transfer your number at that time, you may be charged an early cancellation fee by your current telecommunications company. So complex and incoherent structured. Cancelling a data roaming plan after returning from abroad is difficult. Activating some plans is difficult and inconsistent: some allow you to select the start and end dates and others automatically make “today” the start date and you can`t change it! So you can`t sign up for a data plan in advance. Below average. Web browser: Log in to “My Account” with your Singtel OnePass. Select “View details and usage” to the left of your mobile phone number.

In your plan summary, check the end date of your contract by visiting the Eligibility Recovery section > View contract end date. We must repeat this important fact: the Singtel Recontract hotline is 1688, but it is very difficult to reach a human Singtel customer service representative with 1688. We`ve wasted many hours navigating the automated robot singtel phone system to reach a human customer service representative, and we want to help our readers avoid this.

Keep track of your

current mobile data usage


As summarized above, the old methods of getting the Singtel redo voucher no longer work. No matter what you do, don`t call 1688 and waste your time (we`ll try to help you save time). The new method is carried out 100% online via the Singtel Official Referral Recontract promotion. Basically, you need to click on a referral link like the following: Mobile App: Log in to your account in your “My M1” app. You can check the end date of your contract by clicking on your mobile > Eligibility for the new contract. I received a huge bill after a short trip abroad because Singtel automatically enables roaming (without the customer`s knowledge) and you have to go into the app to change. Terrible.

Data roaming plan purchased. It doesn`t work, in fact, no data packet works (even to pay the full price) zero customer service for support.

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mobile apps: Sign in to your My Starhub app. Go to My Account > My Subscriber Services. Scroll down to the “Contract End Date” section under your mobile plan. To receive the Singtel Recontract voucher, promotion or promotional code, you must follow the new method which is the online referral voucher using the link below. Link: Singtel`s official website for promotion and $100 recontraction coupon. .